I have been in business ever since I could walk. From selling pies with my sisters, to teaching ukulele and guitar, to starting a multimedia business in High School, I have always had a fascination with how people turn their passions into a business and create opportunities that change people's lives. 


In 2019, I created Get It Got It Done, a lifestyle brand and podcast series featuring innovative leaders around me with the same intense desire to invent. The featured young entrepreneurs are making names for themselves in various industries across the country. We hear about their personal stories and how they manage their companies while navigating life and adulthood.


Get It Got It Done is for any driven individual who has a company, is developing a company, or wants to create a company. Join us at Get It Got It Done for a little inspiration and let's get things done. If you would like to be featured on the show or would like us to come out and work with your brand please feel free to contact me :) 

-Faith Lucas, Host  and  Producer 

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