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Festival Treasures: Hoop Smith Abbi

Hi friends, I’m Abbi, your hoop smith at FestivalTreasures! My journey started when I opened my Etsy shop back in April of 2013.

My first sale was a hemp necklace and mainly made hemp jewelry and sold hat pins.

Around the same time, I started hula hooping! I had no idea how to even waist hoop so I picked up my first ever hoop from Target.

Once I got the basics down, I went on Etsy, browsed all the hand crafted hula hoops, and purchased my first official hoop.

Later on, as my collection of hoops grew, I wanted to downsize one of my larger hoops. My friend helped me and I saw how “easy” it was & thought “I could totally make and sell hoops!”.

I bought some tubing and tape and was ready to rock! But boy was I wrong about how “easy” it was. Learning how to make a connection and how to tape a hoop was more challenging than I thought it would be!

After years of trial and error, I believe I have perfected my craft. In early 2016 I turned my shop into strictly hoops and I have been all in since!

In 2019 I opened my own website. I was nervous about my transition off Etsy and onto my own website, but my customers showing their support made the process seem so seamless and I am so grateful.

While I was nervous about the Covid-19 outbreak affecting my business, I am really surprised and grateful at how many orders I continue to get. It is amazing to know that people are still trying to support small businesses during this uncertain time.

Being a part of someone's hoop journey and connecting with the hoop community brings me so much joy and I can’t wait to see what my hoop biz has in store next!

Peace, love, and HOOPS!

Young Entrepreneur: Abbi of https://festival-treasures.com

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